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Name/E-mail Department and Location Extension
Food Science & Env. Health 7570
Sackville Place
Room 15-1st Floor
Food Science & Env. Health 4373
Sackville Place
Room Post Grads
Food Science & Env. Health 4442
Sackville Place
Room 603
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2878
Kevin Street
Room 307B
Food Science & Env. Health 4525
Marlborough Street
Food Science & Env. Health 4458
Marlborough Street
Room 403
Food Science & Env. Health 4383
Sackville Place
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 4664
Bride Street
Room 309
Food Science & Env. Health 4528
Cathal Brugha Street
Food Science & Env. Health 4477
Sackville Place
Room Room 204
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4859
Kevin Street
Room KA-3-014
Computer Science 2844
Kevin Street
Room K115
Computer Science 4833
Kevin Street
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4230
Rathdown House Grangegorman
Room 105
Food Science & Env. Health 4457
Cathal Brugha Street
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4164
Bradogue Grangegorman
Room BR105
Computer Science 4920
Kevin Street
Room Bride Street
Biological Sciences 2899
Kevin Street
Room 1-009
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 4763
Kevin Street
Room 314
Languages Law and Social Sciences 3089
Aungier Street
Languages Law and Social Sciences 4864
New Bride Street
Science 4585
Kevin Street
Food Science & Env. Health 7571
Sackville Place
Room 16-1st Floor
Mathematical Sciences 4840
Kevin Street
Room KA3-007
Science & Technology 4704
Kevin Street
Room KA 3-024
Biological Sciences 2829
Kevin Street
Room 3-044
Food Science & Env. Health 7544
Sackville Place
Room 103
Mathematical Sciences 4824
Kevin Street
Room KA1-013
Languages Law and Social Sciences 3037
Aungier Street
Room 3-004
Computer Science 4710
Kevin Street
Room K347A

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