St. Laurence's

St. Laurence's

St. Laurence’s has facilitated a wide range of events since November 2014 including conferences and seminars.  The venue has been host to a diverse range of groups such as Swift Conservation, the Dyspraxia Association Adult Conference, the Irish Prison Service, and as a venue for book and CD launches such as ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ Irish Migrant Welfare in Britain Since 1957 by Patricia Kennedy and ‘Western Wind’ a music CD by the Conservatory of Music to mark their 125th anniversary.  Tony Bates held a seminar on Thomas Merton’s, on the centenary of his birth. Thomas was a monk, poet and peace activist, and he left a rich legacy of writings on solitude, silence and contemplation which can give us a deeper understanding and practice of Mindfulness.

St. Laurence's is managed by the Chaplaincy Service as a centre for learning and spiritual development.  

The Chaplaincy team are working to build community within the Campus, and develop a relevant pastoral care approach to meet the needs of the students and staff attending DIT Grangegorman.  

As the student population increases, and especially when students are living on campus, our focus will be to manage this beautiful space so that can be used effectively in the future as a Church, and as a Prayer Space.

The chairs for the Church, have been designed by staff and students at DIT.  

Chaplaincy Activities in St. Laurence's include Weekly Mass, held every Thursday at lunchtime, and Mindfulness every Tuesday at lunchtime with The Sanctuary.  

The space continues to be used as a Church and the small Prayer Room with the Blessed Sacrament is nice and relaxed and is open to use during term times.  


Around this building there will emerge a focus for meeting; a space where people of different faiths can meet; a space where believers and non-believers can meet in a constructive way open to being building blocks of a common search for what is good and noble, of a respectful working and thinking together and of together serving.

-  Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, 4th November 2014

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