St. Laurence's

Guidelines for Using St. Laurence's

The following is required when booking St. Laurence's

  1. For Lectures:  Name of college admin person or Head of School.  For other college events: Student/Staff Identification and contact number.
  2. Name of Chairperson of Club/Society/Organisation.
  3. Even if you have spoken to our Administrative Assistant by phone please complete an online booking form.



  • Please note that there may be occasions when St. Laurence’s will be required for Funerals or Memorial Services for Staff or Students.  On such occasions the Chaplaincy will endeavour to arrange alternative facilities for your group.  Your Club/Society will be informed at our earliest convenience if these circumstances arise.


St. Laurence’s

  • After use, please re-configure the room in the setting that is normally used.  (Configuration Map is located on the back of main door).
  • Note that there must be unrestricted access to the Fire Doors (There are two exits at the rear of Saint Laurence’s; one to the left and the other to the right. There is one exit to the right of the altar area as you face the altar).
  • Do not place flowers or anything else on the Altar.
  • The Altar is a sacred space within the room – please treat it with respect.
  • Do not stack chairs on top of each other.
  • The building has a strict alcohol free policy (Exemptions for religious festivals are available once advance notice is provided at the time of application).
  • If you use the Piano please make sure that you replace the cover.


Quiet Room (Located to the right of the Altar)

  • This room will be in use during the year and will not be presumed to be part of the Saint Laurence booking unless specifically requested.
  • Quiet must be observed at all times.
  • Food and the use of mobile phones and computers are strictly forbidden in this area.


Tea/Coffee Facilities

  • Where possible, the campus canteen (situated in Rathdown House opposite St. Laurence’s) is to be used to provide catering/refreshments. If this is not possible refreshments can be served and consumed in the area under the gallery.  Food or drink is to not to be taken into the main area of St. Laurence’s. (We do not provide Take-away tea/coffee/milk).


Blessed Sacrament Chapel

  • Food is not allowed in this area
  • Many come to the Centre to pray and meditate, peace and quiet is important, be respectful.
  • Please keep the general area clean and tidy at all times.
  • In the evening, before leaving the centre, please contact Security.  Wait for them to arrive before you leave.


Your co-operation with the above will enable everyone to enjoy the space provided.  Thank you

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