10th Anniversary National Analytical Measurement Competition 6 - 7th March 08

Host 2008: School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences DIT

NEW: See Competition Report and Photographs HERE

The 10th anniversary National Analytical Measurement Competition, EAMC 2008 (Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition), will be hosted by the School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences DIT, Kevin Street Dublin 8th on March 6th & 7th 2008.

The EAMC Competition is open to teams of two full-time third-level registered students studying laboratory sciences in Universities or Institutes of Technology anywhere in Ireland and who have not yet entered the third year of their course.

A 10th anniversary celebratory dinner will be held in the Russell Court Hotel on March 6th 2008.  The 2008 competition will entail one titration practical using a supplied Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and a response to a short questionnaire. Competitors are expected to report and quantify all possible sources of error.

The competition promotes critical, analytical and observational skills, and raises awareness among student analysts of uncertainty in measurement and the skills needed in reducing and reporting it.

The importance of analytical science in third level education is evidenced by the promotion and support of this competition. The major sponsors of the competition are Eurachem Ireland, Mason Technology, the Association of Heads of School of Science, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland, Discover Science and Engineering, and Pharmachemical Ireland.

The 2008 Brochure detailing the competition and application application form are available.  Applications should be received by February 8th 2008.

For Further Information Contact: Dr Patrice Behan, School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT, Kevin Street, Dublin 8.

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