DT212/2C Mini-Projects

DT212/2C (Physical and Life Sciences, Year 2 Chemistry) completed their mini-projects in semester 1. These projects are run as an alternative to traditional "recipe-style" labs, with students being given much greater freedom to design and run their own experiments. Students are given a problem to solve, and must decide as a group (3) how they will solve the problem. Problems usually involve indentifying unknowns, problem solving etc. At the end of the project, each group gives a presentation on how they approached the problem and worked towards a solution.

The projects were developed by the Chemistry Education Research Team (Dr Christine O'Connor, Dr Claire McDonnell and Dr. Michael Seery) whsoe aim is to increase the active component of students' learning. Funding was received from the DIT Learning and Teaching Centre, which provided payment to a student, Mr. John Clancy to compile the projects.

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