DIT awarded €1.17 M from FP6-MNT ERANET to combat MRSA

The Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology (CREST) and School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT have obtained funding from MNT ERA-NET for €1.17 M, the first FP6-ERANET project funded from Ireland and the only proposal funded out of a total of sixteen proposals submitted in the ERANET call.

The project "Visible Light Induced Photo-degradation of Organic Matter Using Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Hygiene Applications" aims to develop self-sterilising fabrics and surfaces for use in hospitals to combat bacteria such as MRSA. The project was launched on Mon 15th Jan by the President of DIT, Prof. Brian Norton.

Properties such as self-cleaning, antibacterial and photocatalytic properties will be incorporated into coatings in conjunction with enhanced scratch, abrasion, wear and oxidation resistance and chemical resistance. Coating formulations arising from pilot plant scale operations will be applied in Irish and Finnish hospitals in the final stage of the programme.    

The project is coordinated by Dr John Colreavy and Dr Suresh Pillai of CREST and involves project partners:  Dr. Michael Seery (School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIT), Mr. Amar Mahiout, VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland, as well as industrial partners.

Further information on the project can be obtained from Dr Suresh Pillai (suresh.pillai@dit.ie)

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