New NMR Facility in the Faculty of Science, Dublin Institute of Technology

DIT Faculty of Science took delivery of a new Bruker Avance II 400 MHz instrument in August 2007 and the installation and commissioning is currently being completed. It replaces an instrument that is 13 years old which had reached the end of its working life-span. Staff from the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences have responsibility for the operation of the machine but the facility will be available on an Institute-wide basis. The new instrument will contribute significantly to both teaching and research in chemical sciences at DIT.


Bruker Avance II 400 MHz

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy is a powerful and fundamental analytical technique that allows the structure of an unknown substance to be identified. Thus, it has numerous applications in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and food chemistry and biochemistry and is particularly useful for the examination of new compounds synthesised during the course of scientific research in industrial and academic settings. These novel molecules will usually have been generated with a particular application in mind. In DIT, these include several medicinal applications (antitumour, antifungal and antibacterial) as well as the development of optical devices incorporating polymers and functionalised porphyrins.

Provision of a good quality NMR facility allows DIT to meet the educational needs of both postgraduate and undergraduate students and enables these students to develop the skills sought after by industrial and research organisations for acquiring, understanding and interpreting experimental data. These highly trained graduates will support Ireland's requirements for a knowledge-based economy.

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