Dr Ann Hopper- Industrial Processes/ Environmental Chemistry


Dr Ann Hopper worked in semiconductor manufacturing for many years prior to joining DIT in 2010.  Ann initially worked in a part-time role as lecturer and also undertook a part time consultancy manager role for CREST.  She became a full time lecturer in 2014 but still works with CREST as part of the Technology Gateway, collaborating on  projects on  pulse deposition of nanocrystalline alloys & electropolishing of stainless steels. Ann also currently supervises post graduate research on Developing of Novel Protective Coatings Technology

Other interests include electrochemistry and electrodeposition such as:   Alternatives for Cr(VI) replacements in aerospace industries.

Ann is a Fellow of the Institute of Material  Finishing and was appointed to Science committee in 2012 and Education and Training Committee in 2013. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland. 

Dr Hopper currently manages the work-placement programme for the School and arranges for 25(+) students to work in both public and private organisations for 6 months as part of their level 8, year 3 programme.

For more information see the following links:

CREST: http://www.crestdit.com

Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9097-011X