Dr Sarah Rawe- Organic/Medicinal Chemistry


Lecturer in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry (DIT) since January 2006. Sarah has expertise in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry and research interests in the design and synthesis of novel anticancer and antimicrobial agents. She began her research career at the University of Liverpool as a member of the O’Neill group investigating chemical sources of singlet oxygen for the synthesis of endoperoxides and the synthesis of novel antimalarials (PhD supervised by Prof. M. Paul O’Neill and Dr. R. Storr), and then worked with Dr. Andrew Stachulski for a further 6 months (also in Liverpool) on the synthesis of a potential treatment for neuropathic pain before moving to Dublin. Her postdoctoral work at UCD with Prof. Paul V. Murphy involved the synthesis of novel inhibitors of angiogenesis and cell migration.

Sarah’s pedagogical interests are context-based learning, and the integration and embedding of research skills and transferable / professional skills in undergraduate education. Sarah is a member of CERT (Chemical Education Research Team) and has been part of two national teaching teams who received national awards – the Teaching Excellence Team Award presented by National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) in 2009 and a DELTA award (Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment) in 2018.

Sarah (in collaboration with Dr. Claire Mc Donnell and other CERT members) developed and trialled a context-based learning resource for undergraduate chemists called ‘Molecules Against Malaria’, work funded by the RSC and now available via Learn Chemistry:



PhD/MSc Alumni:

  • Dr. Anna Przybyl, now Technical Director (Project Management), APC Ltd., Dublin.
  • Dr. Miriam Kennedy, now Technical Programme Manager, APC Ltd., Dublin.
  • Dr. Sandra Gannon, now Characterisation Scientist, Pfizer, Dublin.
  • Dr. Mark Tallon, now teacher at second level, Kingsworth International School, Paris.

Co-supervisor (with Dr. James Murphy and Dr. Mary Garvey, Cellular Health and Toxicology Group, IT Sligo):

  • Dr. James Murray, now Associate Scientist, PPD.
  • Alma O’Reilly (viva voce undertaken in October 2018).


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-rawe-a6a181a/

Orcid:  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0940-8371

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sarah_Rawe