Dr Vanessa Murphy

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E: vanessa.murphy@dit.ie

B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D, PG Dip.










Dr Murphy was appointed to the lecturing staff in the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences in January 2013. Prior to this appointment, she had previously worked for a number of years in MSD (Irl) Ltd. at their site in Ballydine Co. Tipperary. During this time, Vanessa has held various roles including: Laboratory Validation Specialist for the newly built formulation plant, analytical chemist in the site's Centre of Excellence and laboratory coordinator in the Pharmaceutical Operations laboratory.

Vanessa's PhD work was focused on the development of marine-based biosorbents for the detoxification of metal-loaded waste streams. This work was carried out as part of the Estuarine Research Group in Waterford Institute of Technology and is now sustained as part of DIT's Environmental Health and Sustainability Institute.


Research Interests

  • The integration of novel technologies into the teaching and learning environment to enhance active learning and promote student engagement
  • Marine-based biomass and their derivatives as a means to remediation of contaminated waste streams


Selected Publications

Naja, G.M., Murphy, V. and Volesky B (2010). Biosorption, metals. Encyclopaedia of Industrial Biotechnology Bioprocess, Bioseparation, and Cell Technology. Ed: Flickinger, M. C. Wiley, pp. 4500

Murphy, V., Tofail, S.A.M., Hughes, H. and McLoughlin, P. A novel study of hexavalent chromium detoxification by selected seaweed species using SEM-EDX and XPS analysis. Chemical Engineering Journal 148 (2009) 425–433  

Murphy, V., Hughes, H. and McLoughlin, P. Enhancement strategies for Cu(II), Cr(III) and Cr(VI) remediation by a variety of seaweed species. Journal of Hazardous Materials 166 (2009) 318–326

Murphy, V., Hughes, H. and McLoughlin, P. Comparative study of chromium biosorption by red, green and brown seaweed biomass. Chemosphere 70 (2008) 1128–1134 

Murphy, V., Hughes, H. and McLoughlin, P.  Cu(II) binding by dried biomass of red, green and brown macroalgae. Water research 41 (2007) 731– 740  


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