Prof John F Cassidy

t: (+353 1) 402 4779

f: (+353 1) 402 4989


Diploma in Applied Science (Dublin Institute of Technology), BSc(Applied Sciences) (University of Dublin), PhD (University of Utah).


Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry in DIT, Kevin Street.

Appointed Assistant Head of School in 2001.

Awarded Professorship of DIT 2009

Academic Interests:

Research interests include Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation. This involves the theory and operation associated with Modern Analytical Instruments in the area of spectroscopy, electrochemistry and chromatography.

Current research interests:

  • Thin electroactive films as sensing layers, use of covalently attached porphyrins in films for electrochemical catalysis and mediation, especially for analysis in flowing streams.
  • Reflectance spectroelectrochemistry using both infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths for the study of processes at electrode surfaces.
  • Simulation of diffusion processes, potential and current distributions and comparison with experimental results.
  • Examination of interactions between gases and conducting polymer layers with a view to developing gas sensors.
  • Electrochemical destruction of trace organic molecules in wastewaters and recovery of precious metals.

Recent Publications:

  • 'In Situ Resonance Raman Spectroelectrochemistry of Polypyrrole films', K.Crowley, J.Cassidy, J.Electroanalytical Chemistry , 547, (2003), 75-82
  • 'Model for the Response of an Optical Sensor based on Absorbance Measurements to HCl' . J.A.Morales, J.Cassidy, Sensors and Actuators, 92/3, (2003), 345-350.
  • 'Simulation of Dynamic Electrochemical Processes' W.Breen, J.Cassidy, Current Topics in Electrochemistry, Vol 9, (2003), 47-91.
  • 'A Novel TiO2 assisted Solar Photocatalytic Batch Process Disinfection Reactor for Treatment of Biological and Chemical Contaminants in Domestic Drinking Water in Developing Countries', E.F.Duffy, F.Touati, S.C.Kehoe, O.A.McLoughlin, L.W. Gill, W.Gernjak, I. Oller, M.I.Maldonado, S.Malato, J.Cassidy, R.H.Reed, K.G.McGuigan, Solar Energy, 77, (2004), 649-655.
  • `Studies on Conducting Polymer Based Sensing Membranes with Tri iodide Organic Salts for Vapour Detection, J.A. Morales, S.J.O'Sullivan, J.F.Cassidy, Sensors and Actuators, B, 195, (2005), 266-270.
  • `An Experiment Using a Simple Photoassisted Fuel Cell Designed to Remediate Simulated Wastewater', F.Touati, J.Cassidy, K.G.McGuigan, J.Chem. Ed. ( accepted)

Current Collaborations:

Dr T.McCormac, Dept of Chemistry,
Dr.T Betts, CREST / DIT
Dr K.McGuigan, Royal College of Surgeons.