Civil Engineering

What do Civil Engineers do?

CAO Code 
Programme Title Award
DT025 Engineering (Common First Year) Level 8 (Honours)
DT097 Engineering (General Entry) Level 7 (Ordinary) or Level 8 (Honours)*
DT004 Civil Engineering Level 7 (Ordinary)

Our civilisation relies on Civil Engineers to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining our infrastructure for us and for future generations. 

Civil Engineers influence every part of our daily lives, from the water that comes out of the tap, the homes we live in, to how we travel. Here at DIT, we teach you how to plan and deliver the elements that make up this infrastructure.

Why study Civil Engineering at DIT?

Civil Engineering at DIT prepares graduates for the multi disciplinary infrastructure challenges that face our global society. We offer undergraduate degrees accredited by Engineers Ireland.

At DIT we liaise with the top Engineering Consultancies, such as Arup, AECOM, Barrett Mahony and O’Connor Sutton Cronin to deliver industry based design modules.

Students in third and fourth year of the Civil Engineering (Level 8) programme are given the opportunity to work on specific civil engineering design problems set by Engineering Consultants where solutions by students are developed, evaluated and presented.

In third year, students have the opportunity to study in Europe (France, Germany, Italy or Spain) as part of the Erasmus programme.

College Awareness of Road Safety (CARS) is a successful cross-disciplinary project that is carried out in collaboration with the Garda Road Safety Unit. Students undertaking the Civil Engineering (Level 7) programme re-design the local road network to improve safety for all road users, particuarly in the 17-24 year old age category.

Career Opportunities

The Civil Engineering degree programme aims to equip students with analytic, problem-solving, design and management skills with an innovative and sustainable approach suitable for public and private sector professional work.

Graduates can work for consulting engineers, contracting engineers and some graduates embark on careers outside of engineering, in areas including accountancy and management.

This course with its excellent reputation and strong links with industry will be the platform to launch your successful professional civil engineering career.


Andrew Nolan, Senior Project Engineer at Arup Consulting Engineers and a 2003 Graduate of DIT Structural Engineering.

"Bolton Street gave me the necessary technical skills to work in the design of bridges for Arup. The education I received in Bolton Street was excellent in terms of providing me with the knowledge of design codes, a practical understanding of structures and their design parameters.

I cherished my time in Bolton Street and would highly recommend it to prospective engineers.