Concrete Testing Facilities

Students of both Civil and Structural Engineering will gain vital hands on experience in the area of concrete testing during their study. Students will learn how to design concrete mixes and will then make a number of concrete test specimens that will be tested using the equipment mentioned below. The practical knowledge gained from these labs will benefit the student enormously when seeking future employment.


3000kN Compression Testing Machine

The compressive strength of concrete is determined by making a number of concrete cubes, either 100mm or 150mm in size, to a predetermined mix design, storing the cubes in a curing tank for typically 7 or 28 days and then crushing the concrete to determine its strength. Increasingly the 150mm diameter concrete cylinders which can also be made using moulds available in the lab are also being tested to comply with the Eurocodes. The compression testing plant used for this process is computer controlled allowing for high precision and has a top capacity of 3000 kN. Testing involving large samples benefit for the statistical analysis tools in the data management software. With the use of extensometers the compression testing machine can also facilitate the determination of Young's modulus of concrete.


 90kN Flexural Testing Machine

The flexural strength of concrete is determined by preparing a concrete beams, 500mm or 750mm long, which are generally cast along with cubes. The flexural testing rig is normally used to perform third point loading and is powered and controlled by the same power pack as the compression testing machine giving access to the same software package as is used for the pure compression tests. Additionally, bending tests involving cyclic loading and ramping may also be performed.





TestXpert Software

TestXpert is the control software supplied by Zwick Roell for use with the compression and flexural testing machines. It allows the user to control, edit and create different tests associated with these pieces of equipment. Students have the benefit of viewing live graphical and numerical data of their tests as they are being carried out. Reports can then be printed showing the desired graphs and statistics which the student needs.



For Further Information on Concrete Testing Facilites contact:

Dr. Niall Holmes, Assistant Head of School

T: +353 (0)1 402 4039