Focas Research Institute

The Focas Research Institute mainly facilitates research activities within the College of Sciences & Health and the College of Engineering & Built Environment and aims to:

  • consolidate and develop existing expertise;
  • nurture developing research activities within DIT;
  • support a range of undergraduate and postgraduate research;
  • promote interdisciplinary collaboration within DIT and with national and international bodies;
  • provide a support service for national industry.

The Focas Research Institute has as its core a number of shared laboratories which supply a broad range of spectroscopic techniques, both steady state and transient, and conventional and scanning microscopies. Additional, more specialised, facilities are provided through the associated research groups namely:

  • NanoLab
  • Materials Synthesis & Applications
  • Biomedical & Environmental Sensing
  • Medical Ultrasound
  • Holographic Photopolymers
  • Communications Network Research Institute
  • Radiation & Environmental Science Centre
  • Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology
  • Dublin Energy Lab
  • Physics Education Research

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