Careers in Biological Sciences

Careers in Dietetics, Nutrition, Biomedical & Biological Sciences            

Biological & Health Sciences is a gateway to many exciting careers, from Biomedical Science, Dietetics and Nutrition to Molecular Biosciences. Our graduates are highly-skilled, career-focussed professionals sought after by employers in hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Biomedical & Health Science examines the role of the clinical laboratory in the diagnosis and treatment therapy of human disease in areas including medical microbiology, blood sciences, clinical chemistry and cellular pathology. TU Dublin's BSc in Biomedical Science is a professionally accredited programme that qualifies graduates to work as Medical Scientists in a hospital laboratory.

Human Nutrition and Dietetics investigates how diet and nutrition can be optimised to meet the health needs of a patient from dietary advice, to weight loss to specialised nutrition. This joint TU Dublin/TCD programme is the only undergraduate programme in the Republic of Ireland. Graduates are employed as hospital or community dietitians or in industry. Our programme in Public Health Nutrition focuses on the promotion of good health through nutrition and the prevention of nutrition related illness in the population. Graduates will secure career paths in food policy, regulation and the food industry.

The School of Biological & Health Sciences also offers a career pathway to the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry with a three-year ordinary degree in Biosciences and a further optional year to complete an honours degree in Biomolecular Science. Technically skilled graduates are employed in research, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary diagnostics.

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