Careers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

A Degree in Chemistry is the gateway to a career in a wide variety of areas; these include environmental monitoring, sampling in remote areas, organic synthesis, medical device development, food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor fabrication, education (second and third level), fine chemicals and cosmetic industries. The Pharma sector is one of the strongest and best performing in the Irish economy and the majority of the world leaders in Pharma and BioPharma have a strong presence in Ireland. Career job titles include synthetic organic chemist, analytical chemist, and more recently areas such as patenting, validation and regulatory affairs have become important. In addition there are careers in sales and instrument support. Chemists use a broad range of instrumental techniques to characterise substances such as gas chromatography, liquid  chromatography and a variety of spectroscopic techniques, for example visible spectroscopy, infra-red spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance and fluorescence. Chemistry is at the heart of nanoscience and nanotechnology and recent developments in this field offer career opportunities for talented chemists.

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