Careers in Computing

If you choose to study Computing in TU Dublin you can join the BSc Computer Science (DT228), the BSc Computer Science (International) (DT282) or the BSc Computer Science (Infrastructure).

Graduates from DT211 are experts in designing and implementing infrastructural software. They answer questions such as “how can I make my application available to anyone anywhere?” “What is the path from my application to the top of a bus in O’Connell Street or to the audience in Cork Opera House?” Graduates of this programme will work as Network Engineers, Database Administrators and System Administrators.

Graduates of DT228 will work mainly as Software Developers, Software Engineers or System Analysts. Apply for this programme if you are interested in understanding what goes on behind the scenes at Twitter or Facebook, or if you want to know what an MP3 file actually is or how iTunes works?

Ireland currently hosts the majority of the major computing companies in the world - including Google, Facebook, IBM, Intel and Hewlett Packard. The Computing industry in Ireland is thriving, and there is a huge demand for graduates with skills in computing. These are careers which are highly rewarding, highly challenging, and offer an opportunity to travel and transfer throughout the world.

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