Careers in Physics, Optometry & Clinical Measurement

Physics graduates will have up to date knowledge and skills to make them well suited to careers in industry, technology and research in areas such as renewable energy, sustainability, photonics, medical physics, meteorology, metrology, advanced materials, environmental science, medical devices, bioengineering, nanotechnology, electronics, telecommunications, computation, finance, management consultancy and many others. Graduates will have well developed skills in problem solving, practical skills, innovation, and communications, all highly sought after by employers.

Optometry graduates work in optometry practices principally providing primary eye care services, including eye examinations, diagnosis of vision defects and prescription of spectacles and contact lenses. The optometristís eye examination can also detect eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration, patients with these conditions are referred, as appropriate, for medical treatment.

Clinical Measurement Science graduates form part of the clinical team within the public and private health services and undertake clinical testing, in a highly technical environment, of patients in the areas of Cardiology, Respiratory Science, Neuroscience and Vascular Science to provide diagnostic information to the medical team. Graduates will have extensive clinical experience in one of the above areas, and will have a thorough technical knowledge of clinical instrumentation and techniques.

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