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“I found my course really good. It had a very strong practical aspect. We did a lot of lab work and we were taught physics mainly through PBL in first year, which is Problem Based Learning where you work in small groups and interacted a lot with the lecturers. We had to teach our peers and learn from them as well as write reports and it really taught you a lot of skills that would be needed for this industry”
Rachel Harding - DT222 - BSc (Hons) Physics Technology - Year 2

“I really like my course because there are a lot of technical skills associated with it, theoretical knowledge and practical skills from labs. I would definitely recommend my course to anyone interested in studying physics because you get a lot of the skills necessary for working in the physics industry outside of education”
Sarah Gilligan – DT221 - BSc (Hons) Physics with Energy and Environment – Year 2

“I would recommend the course if you were leaning more towards the practical side of computing because it has everything in it from software development, programming, networking, operating systems, everything like that. I found out about it through my school counsellor, he helped me pick it and we worked from there to pick the best course for me.”
Jamie Doyle – DT211 - BSc (Hons) Computing – Year 2

“My favourite aspect of the course is the real world application. Straight away from first year we were making things like paracetamol, aspirin and super glue...things like that. It’s not all in class learning, you do things that you know you will be able to use in industry.”
Caoimhe Hand - DT299T - BSc (Hons) Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry– Year 2


“Since leaving the course I’ve gone on to full employment in the Environmental Protection Agency. My role involves analysis of samples for the various EPA work programmes. The results contribute to the environmental reports issued by the EPA. Some results may be used in prosecutions against facilities breaching the terms of their licenses and I may be called to give evidence for the prosecution. The skills I learned and developed have been very valuable in my career and have been put into direct use in my role in the EPA”
Graduate of BSc (Honours) Forensic and Environmental Chemistry (DT203)

“The highlights for me were my practice placement and my undergraduate research project. Practice placement provides undergraduate students with an excellent opportunity to understand the role and to establish core competences in hospital and community settings. Undertaking a research project provides an excellent platform into the field of research and proved to be an invaluable learning experience.”
Graduate of BSc (Honours) Human Nutrition and Dietetics (DT223)

“If you are interested in Mathematics I strongly recommend this course as it will provide you with a strong foundation in core subjects such as calculus, statistics and discrete maths along with a wider knowledge on everything to do with mathematics. The classes are quite small which is great because not only do you get to know all your fellow students, it allows you to have a lot more time with your lecturers in case you are stuck in any particular problem.”
Graduate of BSc (Honours) Mathematical Science (DT205)

“I got a great internship during third year in Google and was able to learn lots about large systems again making me more ready for after college. Now for the past two years I have been running an outsourced IT company for SME business.”
Graduate of BSc (Honours) Computer Science (DT228)

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