GlobalWorkIT : Korean Exchange Scholarships

Within the context of EU-Korea relations and the needs of the ICT sector in both regions, the goal of GlobalWorkIT* is to prepare European and Korean students for employment in the international ICT industry by enhancing mutual understanding of global ICT issues, languages and cultures. It connects 3 European and 3 Korean Higher Education Institutions located in world-leading ICT sectors (Finland, Korea, Ireland and Germany).  It leverages their relationships with ICT companies in these sectors which are innovation-focused and internationally-oriented in their products and services.  

GlobalWorkIT is open to DT211, DT228 and DT282 year 3 students in Semester 2 and has the following primary activities:-

1. EU-Korea student mobility programme in Semester 2 of Year 3

For DIT students this means spending a semester aborad in Korea taking accredited modules in specialist computer science topics,  cultural and lingustic training in the Korean language  and cultural studies. 

2. An online module – the ’Global Classroom’

Key to the module is the semester-long Global Classroom module, delivered online across timezones, countries and cultures is a unique and innovative team project module. The student’s international experiences are captured by using work practices in the global ICT industry (e.g. teleconferencing, time differences, project management in geographically distributed context, etc). Students reflect on their own international experiences, share and learn from each other while working on a technical team based IT project.   

 The GlobalWorkIT project is a European Union funded project. 

European Union Funded by the European Union

For further informtion on how to apply, please contact out erasmus plus coordinator. The deadline for completed applications is Early November Semester 1.