DIT Tedx: How to Empower Education with Artificial Intelligence - Dr Luca Longo

Dr Longo speaking at Tedx Vicenza

Dr Luca Longo, a lecturer and researcher at the DIT School of Computing,  recently spoke at this year’s Tedx Dublin Institute of Technology event held in Gleeson Hall Kevin Street on Friday 1st December.

The event which was run by the DIT Students Union (DITSU) also includes speakers such as Áine Mulloy co-founder of social network GirlCrew, professional fundraising consultant Simon Scriver and entrepreneur Nicki Hoyne.

Dr Longo is no stranger to the concept of Ted Talks having spoken earlier this year at the Tedx Vicenza event in his native Italy. Dr Longo currently lectures at the School of Computing and was recently awarded the National Teaching Hero Award in 2016.

Dr Longo’s current research interest is in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Mental Workload modelling using deductive inference techniques (Defeasible Reasoning) and inductive modelling approaches (Machine Learning). He strives for excellence in his field and is an advocate of motivational teaching and strongly supports learning through passion.

Watch his talk in the video below:

DIT School of Computing January 2017.

For more information contact Dr Luca Longa (luca.longo@dit.ie

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