Quality Blended Learning Training Course

From the 10-13th June,  in the Technological University of Dublin we have been busy running a second iteration of 2018’s Quality Blended Learning training course that was developed within Erasmus+ project Quality Blended Learning. Educators from around Europe working with the Hublinked research project joined us for a week of Teaching and Learning methods for online and blended deliveries.

Some of the topics of the talks looked at important considerations for online learning, such as, Instructional Design, Ethics, Digital Identity, Copyright and Podcasting. Hublinked partners spoke about their experiences in developing a new online Global Labs module and modification of a programming module to develop an online delivery in Sweden.

There were also some guest talks from a number of TU Dublin Computer Science lecturers; Ciaran O’Leary spoke about Design Science and Andrea Curley and Brendan Tierney gave an overview about their processes of designing lectures. Members of the Blended Learning team also gave talks about case studies of online learning in Asia and an introduction to the facilities and pipeline for creating blended content, as well as some of the technologies used.

The course also had a practical focus, with students taking part in a number of applied activities. There were a number of workshops using Curriculum Design tools from the Open University Learning Design Initiative. Working in teams, they were also guided to develop scripts for a course relevant to their teaching and used the Technological University of Dublin facilities to record audio and video introductions to their chosen course. On the final day they then took part in a workshop where they learned some post-production techniques using state of the art technology and produced videos and podcasts that they can re-use for their own course in an interactive workshop.


TU Dublin Computer Science June 2019.