DIT Lecturers feature prominently at Europe's Leading Data Conference

Recently held in Dublin at the RDS the Predict Conference is Europe’s Leading Data Conference, covering data science, technology and the future. Speakers from over 50 countries spoke at this years event on topics including Artificial Intelligence, Fintech/Blockchain, Sports Data, Data Science, IOT and Healthcare.

This years event prominently featured talks and presentations by a host of lecturers and researchers from within the DIT School of Computing. These included DIT Lecturers Dr Luca Longo and Dr Susan MCKeever as well as DIT researcher Dr Bojan Bozic.

Running into its fourth year the conference is seen to exist at the intersection between data science and business. The event which featured talks covering topics as diverse as Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare was also a chance for academics and companies of all sizes including start-ups to interact with each other.


Dr Luca Longo giving his talk on AI at the Predict Conference

Dr Luca Longo’s talk on AI entitled  ‘Explainable Artificial Intelligence: What, why and how?’ seeks to minimize the gap between machine thinking and human thinking. According to Dr Longo ‘The ultimate goal of future explainable AI systems is to make results understandable and transparent and to answer questions of how and why a  particular result was achieved.’

Dr Susan McKeever a lecturer at the DIT School of Computing also spoke at this years conference giving a talk entitled ‘Everyday Data Analytics in Companies’. Dr Mckeever is also involved in research at CeADAR and her research interests are in the field of ubiquitous computing, technologies for assisted-living, machine learning, and mobile systems. Dr McKeever also featured on a panel discussion led by Medb Corocoran of Accenture Ireland.
Bojan Bozic a researcher at CeADAR and DIT also featured at this year’s conference giving a talk entitled ‘It's about Time - How to make sense of your time series data?’. Dr Bozic has for several years worked on Semantic Web, Machine Learning, and Data Science technologies.

For more Information you can visit the Conference Website: Predict Conference


DIT Computing October 2018.