Flipped Classroom delivery in China

DIT's Brian Gillespie, Paul Doyle and Ciaran O'Driscoll are currently visiting Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) to deliver a suite of Flipped delivery modules that currently run within DIT. The suite of modules that currently run as part of a Flipped delivery within the School of Computing and the School of Engineering include "Mobile Web Technologies", "Smart Robotics" and "The Internet of Things". DIT School of Computing has been engaged in a Flipped delivery of its modules for over two years and has already rolled out a variety of modules in this format.

Flipping a classroom is an innovative approach to teaching in which the students are already engaged in the course material before they ever step through the door of the classroom. In class time is re-purposed for more critical and analytical tasks. Class time can also be used to engage the students in more practical activities. In this way the students actually take back control of their own learning experience by acquiring knowledge outside of prescribed class time. The ubiquity of new technologies means pre-recorded lectures can form the cornerstone of this process. One of the main upsides for the School of Computing was that it allowed students to work either individually or within groups, something which greatly enhanced the students overall learning experience.

The DIT School of Computing continues to develop its expertise in delivering innovative curriculum courses to non-native English speakers in Asia, using online teaching and flipped classroom techniques.

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