DIT lecturer invited to become Oracle Developer Champion

DIT Lecturer and Oracle Ace Director Brendan Tierney was recently invited to become an Oracle Developer Champion.Set up for the first time in 2017 The Oracle Developer Champion program is aimed at people who are active in generating content and sharing their knowledge within the Oracle Online Community. It essentially works as an advocacy program and in this regard complements Oracle’s two other advocacy programs namely the Oracle ACE and Java Champion programs.

Oracle Developer champions are expected to present at prominent Oracle events (Oracle Code, JavaOne) and top industry events such as Devoxx, Developer Week, Velocity, and QCon. They are also expected to contribute to various open source projects as well as having leadership roles within Oracle user groups and on online forums. Oracle Developer Champion (ODC) membership is re-evaluated each year based on the individuals actions and their advocacy work throughout the previous year.

Speaking about his recent appointment Brendan Tierney said ‘if you look at the current list of existing Oracle Developer Champions, it is very impressive. I'm very honoured to be joining these people.’

You can find more details about Oracle Developer Champions here

The news follows on from the announcement that Brendans recent book 'Oracle R Enterprise' has recently been translated into Chinese. 

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DIT Computing July 2018.