Study Abroad Profile: Beijing

Study Exchange Profile:
Angela Peng - DT282
Beijing, China


Angela Peng spent a Semester in Beijing at Beihang University in China


We spoke with Angela Peng a Computer Science International (DT282) student who recently spent the 2nd semester of the 17/18 academic year at Beihang University in China. As part of the Computer Science International (DT282) degree programme, Angela studied Chinese from year 1 so this study abroad exchange provided her the opportunity to further improve her Chinese language skills.


What attracted you to the Chinese study abroad program?

The main reason for me was to choose China was to learn more about my own culture and improve my Chinese. I also wanted to experience the life of a Chinese student and learn the differences between the Chinese education system and the Irish education system. I did research about Beihang University before going. I also talked to past students that went there and I got great reviews so that made me choose China!


What was the best thing about the Chinese study abroad program?

There were many things that I liked about this study Abroad program. The School of Computer Science provides trips and get-togethers for students to meet new people whilst they are on the exchange programme. Beihang University also has a cultural festival in May which is a one day festival on campus where all the international students gets to represent their country and showcase their traditional food, clothing and culture.


What was it like living in Beijing and China?

It was very different from living in Ireland for example the rent is a lot cheaper (on campus) and also living expenses are a lot cheaper. You learn to be more independent and mature as you are living alone but you will never feel alone because the people you meet are very nice and caring. The food is great especially in Beijing where  you can get a taste of everything.


How has the Chinese study abroad program experience changed you?

It made me more mature and it has improved my chinese language skills a lot. I also realised that Beijing is actually a really safe and friendly environment to live in and would love to experience it again. If I get another opportunity to either work or study in china I won’t hesitate to go again!



DT282 Computer Science (International) is a 4 year Degree programme providing students with the necessary skills to work  as a global software engineer. As well as giving students the core computer science skills to work as an application developer it also gives them the skills to grow and evolve within an ever changing global industry.


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