TU Dublin Researchers to work with Career-FIT Fellows

Prof Sarah Jane Delany and Dr Susan McKeever from TU Dublin School of Computer Science met with Marie Curie scholars and Enterprise Ireland representatives earlier this week to discuss an ongoing industry-Phd collaboration with the Horizon 2020 Career FIT Scheme. Ayman Farahat and Santos Fernandez Noguerol who are both Marie Curie Fellows funded under the Career-FIT Scheme were both present at Mondays meeting. Career-FIT is a postdoctoral fellow programming - funded by Horizon 2020 and Enterprise Ireland. Career-FIT funds experienced researchers to come to Ireland to develop their research through 3 year fellowships with secondment into industry via Ireland’s Technology Centres, aligned with third level institutions.

Prof Sarah Jane Delany and Dr. Susan McKeever are themselves principal investigators within the Centre for Applied Data Analytics technology (CeADAR). Last year they both secured Career-FIT scholarships as academic mentors, with the post doctoral fellows having just commenced their research in February of this year.  

Dr Susan McKeever is working on a project in partnership with DocoSoft, a leading Irish software company in the insurance claims market that produces innovative solutions in the insurance domain. In this venture she will be working Marie Curie Fellow Ayman Farahat. Their work will focus on how to apply machine learning to improve claims processing and detection of fraudulent claims.  

Prof Sarah Jane Delany’s will be working on a project on the automatic valuation of property with Marie Curie Fellow Santos Fernandez Nogueral.  The focus of the project is on valuing commercial properties. The opportunity to conduct research in this area is enabled by the partner company involved, the Valuation Office in Ireland. The core business of the organisation is the provision and maintenance of accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities. The Valuation Office is currently engaged in a national programme to revalue all commercial and industrial properties in the State and have recently digitised a large amount of their data which will be made available for the project.

 For More Inforamtion on Career-FIT visit: https://www.horizon2020.ie/career-fit/

TU Dublin Computer Science March 2019. For More Information Contact Prof. Sarah Jane Delany (sarahjane.delany@dit.ie)  and Dr.Susan McKeever (susan.mckeever@dit.ie)