"Computing in the Community"
DITSoC students mentor TY Students

A group of 3rd year Computer Science students from DIT Kevin Street are currently involved in a new module whereby they have been mentoring a transition year (TY) class in Stratford College, Rathgar. The ‘Computer Studies’ classes got off to a great start in February when the DIT students mentored their new pupils in the use of Python and Raspberry Pi. Since then the TY students have been getting to grips with and learning new programming languages. The classes are of mutual benefit to both sets of students as the TYs are currently undertaking the Microcontrollers module as part of the ICS Computing Curriculum, while the 3rd Year DIT students have elected to do a module called "Computing in the Community" which is worth 5 ECTS credits.

The ‘Computing in the Community’ module is a completely new module launched this semester and includes on site visits, mentoring and direct contact with the TY students but also the development of learning resources for the 2nd level students. For the 3rd level students it offers a mentoring opportunity whereby they can contribute the knowledge they have learned so far in university and give it back to 2nd level students within the community.


Speaking about the experience one of the DIT students - Alan said "I am part of a group of 4 DIT students who will be assisting Transition Year students in Stratford College with learning programming. We hope to contribute back to the community with the knowledge we have gained in college so far."

The initiative is all down to the work of both Brian Gillespie and Liz McKeever from DIT Kevin St. who together with the teaching staff of Stratford College developed the idea of a creating a new and exciting 2nd-3rd level collaboration between computing students at different stages of their educational life-cycle. Speaking about the new module Brian Gillespie said “it made perfect sense as there was a demand from our students to get involved in community based initiatives whilst we had the good fortune of having a relationship with a local school who themselves had a keen interest in developing a mentoring programme.

DIT School of Computing March 2017 - Stratford College, Rathgar -  For more info contact:
Liz McKeever (liz.mcKeever@dit.ie) or Brian Gillespie (brian.x.gillespie@dit.ie)


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