Dr Luca Longo gives AI talk at TEDxVicenza

Dr Luca Longo, a lecturer and researcher at the DIT School of Computing, recently gave a talk at the prestigious TedXVicenza event in Italy. Dr Longo’s a featured speaker at the event, opened the show and spoke on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the ethics behind it.

In essence Dr Longo started his contribution with the famous question proposed by Alan Turing: “can machines think?”. It then briefly described the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence and presented a future time line mentioning the ‘technological singularity” concept introduced some years ago by Ray Kurzweil. He then continued with future predictions of technological events within the next 28 years.

The talk also covered contemporary and ethical issues around the field of Artificial Intelligence.  To conclude Dr Longo introduced a provocative 10th objection, following the 9 objections proposed by the renowned Computer Scientist Alan Turing’s to his own Turing Test.

This provocation is:

“If it is true we will be able to transfer human intelligence to machines, and they will become more intelligent than us, it is also true that we have let them become more intelligent. An absurdum.”


DIT School of Computing May 2017. For more information contact Dr Luca Longa (luca.longo@dit.ie

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