Information on the Higher Diploma in Computing is available here. 

This programme is designed to provide an entry path for Bachelors Honours graduates in other numerate disciplines into graduate entry level careers in computing. The philosophy behind the programme is that graduates from other disciplines will have developed significant transferable skills in analysis, communications and independent learning and so will be in a position to learn quickly a focused subset of computing knowledge to level 8. Learners on the programme will acquire core knowledge of computing concepts in the first part of the programme, They will then progress to a deeper knowledge in their chosen specialisation. For further information please see the programme information page here

Course Structure

The Higher Diploma is a two year part-time programme. Students in their first year study modules that give a deep introduction to core computing topics. Content covered includes introductions to programme and Object Oriented Oriented Design, Computer Technology, Software Testing, and Information Systems. In the second year of study students specialise into either the Software Development or Data Analytics stream. As part of that specialisation students take specialist modules, and undertake an individual project. Students on the part-time Higher Diploma also choose between a placement in a company or participation in a group project if they are already in employment.

Funding Options

The programme is available fully funded under the Government of Ireland's ICT Skills initiative. Students wishing to apply for a fully funded place need to apply via the Springboard website. Please note that due to rules associated with the funding that people in receipt of Social Welfare payments cannot qualify for free funding on the part-time conversion programme. Those in receipt of social welfare can however apply for the full-time conversion programme offered by IT Tallaght, IT Blanchardstown and others. 

Application Process

Applicants need to include three items in their application:

  1. An up to date CV
  2. A cover letter explaining your interest in taking the programme
  3. Transcripts of your Level 8 qualification

Applications are submitted via 


Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

I have a Level 6 / Level 7 qualification - can I apply for this programme? 

Unfortunately generally no. This programme is designed as a Level 8 conversion programme for students who already have a Level 8 degree. The one exception to this is that students with a Level 7 degree in Computer Science or a similar subject can apply for the course on the basis of it providing them a top-up Level 8 qualification. 

If my first langauge is not English, do I need to do anythign special? 

For those already living in Ireland for some time it is generally possible to perform an oral interview over the phone to determine English competence if there are any doubts. For those living abroad formal English qualifications are generally required as outlined on DIT's main Admissions pages. 

Will you help me find a placement? 

Yes. The School of Computing has a dedicated Industry Engagement Officer who can help students to organise placements. We have connections with many companies and typically have 100 students per year out on placement. 

What Award will I get?

Graduates of this programme receive a Higher Diploma in Computing (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications). Students who do not complete the Work Placement (or equivalent) component of the programme may exit the programme with Continuing Professional Development Diploma in Computing (60 ECTS) award (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualification).

Students who complete the five modules of the Core Computing semester may exit the programme with a Continuing Professional Development Diploma in Fundamentals Computing (30 ECTS) award (Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualification).

What is the structure of the Programme?

The programme is structured into three components:

  • Core Computing: 30 ECTS credits to be completed by all participants in the programme over one academic year (part-time). 

  • Specialisation: 30 ECTS credits to be completed by participants approved by the Programme Committee to advance to that specialisations, to include a Project. This is delivered part-time over one year. 

  • Placement or Group Project: 30 ECTS credits of work placement of 6 months duration (full-time work) or participation in a Group Project. 

What is the timetable? 

See Course Content below. 

Can you give me descriptions of the modules?

See Course Content below.

How many hours per week am I likely to be in lectures/tutorials for?

See Course Content below. Contact Hours are approximately 6-8 per week in each semester. As you can imagine a considerable amount of self study is also expected beyond that. 

Is this a Springboard Course?

Yes and no. This course is funded under the ICT Skills initiative from the HEA. This is not the same funding source as Springboard. However, the application system for the course is administered through the Springboard website. The FAQ section on the Springboard Courses website has specific information for eligibility for all ICT Skills programmes such as this one. 

Can i apply for Free Funding for this Course if I have a Job?

Yes. You apply for the course through this Springboard Courses website. 

Can I apply for this course if I am in receipt of Social Welfare payments? 

Applicants who are not in a job and are in receipt of a social welfare payment may not apply for this part-time programme. They can however apply for a full-time version of this programme that is for example run by the Institute of Technology Tallaght or University College Dublin. 

Is there a full-time version of this programme? 

The School of Computing in DIT did run a full-time version of this programme, but it has been discontinued in favour of the part-time programme. Other colleges such as the Institutes of Technology in Tallaght and Blanchardstown as well as University College Dublin still run full-time versions of this programme as of July 2017. 

Do I need to provide transcripts from my Level 8 degree as part of the application?


Do I need to provide a CV as part of the application?


Do I need to provide a Cover Letter as part of the application?


Where do I apply?


Can I take Work Placement?

Yes. Even students in this part-time delivery can take Work Placement. You can take Work Placement with a current employer if we decide that your role with the current employer is at the same technical level as any other placement position we would allow. Some students quit current employment to take up Placement, while others look for a leave of absense. If you are in a job but don't want to take leave or cannot use the position for a Placement, you can instead take the Group Project module. Group Project is worth 30 credits and is designed to assist students to learn the technical and soft sklls that are typically found in a placement in the IT sector. 

Course Content

Below we list out the modules and deliver nights for the 2017-2018 academic year. Module descriptors for each of these modules can be found in the online catalogue of modules. 

Core Modules - First Year

SemesterNightModule TitleStart TimeCredits
1+2  Tue (Sem 1) Thur (Sem 2) Object Oriented Software Development 18:00 10
1 Thur  Web and User Interface Design 18:00 5
1  Wed Information Systems  18:00 5
2  Wed System Analysis and Testing 18:00 5
2  Tues Architecture OS and Networking 18:00 5








Data Analytics Specialism - Second Year

SemesterNightModule TitleStart TimeCredits
1   Data Visualization 18:00 5
1   Advanced Databases 18:00 5
2   Data Analytics 18:00 5
2   Probability Models and Statistical Inference 18:00 5
1+2   Group Project (Optional)     








Software Development Specialism - Second Year

SemesterNightModule TitleStart TimeCredits
1   Enterprise Application Development 18:00 10
1   Object Oriented Software Development 2 18:00 5
2   Programming for Mobile and Smart Devices 18:00 5
1+2   Group Project (Optional)    







In your second year you also need to take an Individual Project. This is worth 10 credits. The Individual Project like the Work Placement is not timetabled time. You will however have a lecturer who runs this module and organizes workshops on specific activites. 

Contact Information

 Course Chairperson: Bianca Schoen-Phelan

School Administrator: Barbara Byrne 

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