Dr Michael Collins


Dr. Michael Collins is a Lecturer in Computer Science with experience in both Industry and Academics. Prior to joining the School of Computer Science, he worked as a Software Engineer for companies in Ireland and in the United States. He is the coordinator for International academic affairs in the School and is chairperson for the BSc. in Computer Science International programme (DT282). He is a class mentor and also manages teams in national and international student software development competitions.

He has published at conferences and in journals and is a member of Technical Program Committees for International Conferences. He is also a visiting academic at Universities in parts of Asia

Internationalisation of Computer Science curriculum
Industry-oriented pedagogic strategies in Computer Science
Blended / Flexible Learning

Title: “GlobalWorkIT: Connecting Leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sectors”
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Title: “An Integrated EU-Korea Student Mobility Programme - The Success of GlobalWorkIT”
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Judge (Technologist) for the Irish National Digital Media Awards
Technical Committee Member for UBICOMM (Ubiquitous Computing)