Dr Susan McKeever


Susan McKeever is a senior lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the Dublin Institute of Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications and Micro-Electronic) from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in IT for Strategic Management (DIT). She received her PhD from UCD in 2011. Her main research areas are in the area of machine learning including deep learning, activity recognition, text mining, evidence theory and the general domain area of data analytics. Current projects include: Determining how to detect and automatically moderate and analyse content in social media – including abusive text and automated video analysis; Examining how best to detect and track the health and well being of elderly people at home, through the use of activity monitoring. She is also a collaborator in the CeADAR research group ( Centre for Applied Data Analytics). CeADAR work with industry to bring data analytics in to address real world business and future business problems. Prior to joining DIT, Susan worked in IT sector, including Accenture as an IT Consultant, and as a contract project manager. 

Machine learning, text analytics, video and image analytics, sensor based systems, activity recognition, blockchain