Filip Klubička


I am a PhD student at DIT School of Computer Science, funded by the ADAPT Centre. With a background in information science and linguistics, I am interested in exploring and modelling linguistic or social phenomena.
So let us talk about the elephant in the room.
We, as humans, know that this room does not actually contain an elephant, and that these words individually have a different meaning than when combined together. However, computers do not.
This is what my research is about - teaching computers to understand human language, to understand the meaning of words and word phrases like ’spill the beans’. Giving computers the ability to differentiate between sentences like ‘That was a piece of cake.’ and ‘Could you pass me a piece of cake?’, knowing that the meaning is drastically different in one and the other.
This can be useful in many areas - on a small scale, think of the autocorrect on your phones. On a larger scale, think of voice assistants like Siri or Alexa. And on a future scale, think of a fully realized artificial intelligence, that can speak and understand language just as any human would.
In my spare time, of which there is little, I fancy myself a geek, gamer, singer, runner, pun enthusiast and language lover. I'm ambitious, enthusiastic and quite ambivalent. Sometimes even cool. On a good day.

Computational Linguistics, Natural Langage Processing, Semantics, Machine Learning, Digital Humanities

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Gave talk at 4REAL workshop, Miyazaki, Japan
Presented poster at LREC'18, Miyazaki, Japan
Presented poster at EAMT'16, Riga, Latvia
Presented two posters at LREC'16, Portorož, Slovenia

Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014
Rector's Award for Outstanding Research Project, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014
Rector's Award for Project of High Cultural Significance, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014

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