Blended Learning Project

 Quality Blended Learning Erasmus+ Project

You may have recently come across the term ‘Blended Learning’ and wondered, what does that exactly mean? Well a group of researchers and educators within the School of Computer Science are looking to answer that exact question and to also help other educators acquire the necessary tools to create and develop their own blended learning capabilities.

It is all part of the Quality Blended Learning Erasmus+ Project which aims to explore issues in the use of Blended Learning. The research is being conducted by four education institutes from across Europe: VHS Hannover - Germany; UPI-Ljudska Univerza ?alec - Slovenia; DOMSpain - Spain; and DIT School of Computer Science - Ireland.

The project’s aim is to make the use of blended learning more extensive and systematic therefore increasing the overall quality of blended learning within adult education whilst at the same time improving educators’ professional skills in designing and implementing quality blended learning.

The group of researchers from within the School of Computer Science who recently joined up with the Erasmus+ ‘Quality Blended Learning’ Project have been involved themselves in creating and delivering Blended Learning courses within DIT over the past four years. They include: Dr Paul Doyle; Dr Cathy Ennis; Brian Gillespie; Damian Gordon and Peter Manifold, all of whom have been engaged with and have delivered blended learning modules across  a range of higher education institutes throughout Europe, South Korea and China.

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