Dr Brian Keegan

Brian has previous experince with Sun Microsystems (Oracle) in Dublin working on the Solaris OS. He has also worked with Cisco Systems in San Jose as part of the development and test team for the Wireless Networking Business Unit. Prior to this Brian was engaged with research with the Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI). Brian is a Cisco Netacad Academy Support Advisor and Academy Support Center Staff for the DIT.


Areas of interest include: Software Defined Networks, Sensor Networks, Virtualisation, Security, Computer Networks, WLAN, Wireless Mesh, Routing, VoIP, Network programming.

Publications listed on Arrow:  http://goo.gl/YtI1AS


Networking Technologies
System Administration
Secure Systems Development
Cisco Networking
Linux - NDG


Brian Keegan, Ph.D, M.Phil, B.Eng, MIEEE
DIT School of Computing
Room KE-305a
P: 353 1 402 2819

E: brian (dot) x (dot) keegan (at) dit (dot) ie

W: www.drbriankeegan.com

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