Dr Basel Magableh


Dr. Basel Magableh received a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Trinity College Dublin in 2012. From 2010 to 2013 he worked as Research Assistant & Post Doctoral Researcher in Distributed Systems Group, and Intelligent Systems - Trinity College. In 2013 he Joined Huawei as a Chief Scientist in Mobile/Terminal Context Awareness. He was responsible for building the next generation of Mobile Operating System based on the idea of Machine Intelligence and Predicting Human Behavior.

He is currently an Assistant Lecturer in School of Computing performing research in the field of Machine Intelligence, Personalised Learning and Software Defined Network.  


DT228 - Cloud Computing 

DT211 - Introduction to Algorithms 

DT211- Introduction to Operating System 

DT211- Networking II (Routing)

DT211- Networking III  (Switching)

DT255 & DT249: Computing Fundementalls I

DT255 & DT249: Computing Fundementalls II 

Email: Basel dot Magableh at DIT dot IE  Ext:4880;



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