Dr Svetlana Hensman

School of Computing


Contact Details

Office:  KE-3-005A, Kevin Street, DIT
Phone: 353-1-402-4701
Email:  svetlana.hensman (at) dit.ie


All course material is available through webcourses.

CMPU 4010 - Artificial Intelligence 1 (DT228/4, DT211c/4, DT282/4, DT8900)
CMPU 2016 - Object Oriented Programming (DT211c/2)
CMPU 4060 - Object Oriented SW Development (DT265A, DT265C, DT8900)


-- Second semester courses:

CMPU 4011  - Artificial Intelligence 2 (DT228/4, DT211c/4, DT282/4, DT8900-CMP)
CMPU 4060  - Object Oriented SW Development (DT265C, DT8900, DT265A)
INTL3007-A - Global Classroom (Spring 2017)
CMPU3045   - Team project



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