School of Computing Technical Support Information Sheet

Welcome to the School of Computing DIT, we hope you enjoy your time with us.  This information sheet outlines the IT services available to from within you and how you can access support for those services. It is important to note that many IT servies are centrally controlled and are not part of the School Infrastructre although like all Schools our labs utilise those resources. 

School of Computing IT Services. 

  1. Labs - there are 8 computer labs reserved for School of Computing students
  2. Storage - all students are allocated online storage space
  3. Software - There are over 200 PCs in our labs running a standard software image
  4. Virtual Labs - there are 2 online virtual lab servers providing a virtual desktop for users
  5. Servers - The school runs a number of servers specific to modules such as Oracle Server.

Technical support for school services is available by emailing and additional information, news, and updates, rules and guides will also be posted to the school website under Technical Support.

Central IT Services

Student File Storage

For your coursework you have been allocated your own home directory U:/ with a capacity of 500Mb which is automatically available when you log in to your CS domain account. It is highly recommended that you use an external USB device to backup all of your files stored on your home directory.

School Computing Laboratories

There are eight computer labs available exclusively to School of Computing students for which you will be required to login using your CS domain account.

Kevin Street Annexe:       

  • KA-1-015, KA-1-016, KA-1-017, KA-3-005, KA-3-006KA-3-008

Aungier Street:                 

  • AU-1-005AU-1-006

Terminal Server Access

There are a number of terminal servers which will allow you to carry out work from any PC by using the remote desktop appliation or by runing the program ‘mstsc’ from the command prompt. Please note that not all of the software available on the lab PCs is available via terminal service. The most common terminal servers used by the school are:


Lab Rules

  • Labs are a key school resource and should be treated with respect at all times.
  • Laptops can be used in the labs but at present students must use the wireless network only.
  • Students must not unplug PCs to power their own laptops.
  • Eating and drinking in the labs is strictly forbidden.


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