Course Mentors

Each year of each programme is assigned a member of academic staff to act as a mentor for that group of students. The role of the mentor is to act as a liason between students and school management, or generally is the first port of call for students who have any concerns. When concerning issues relating to a particular module, we recommend students contact the relevant lecturer in those cases, but any other issues, usually the year mentor is your first contact point. The list of mentors for each course is below:


DT211C (Course Coordinator: Brian Keegan):

1st Year: Aneel Rahim

2nd Year: Paul Bourke

3rd Year: Jane Ferris

4th Year: Bryan Duggan


DT228 (Course Coordinator: Damian Bourke): 

1st Year: Michael Collins

2nd Year: Richard Lawlor

3rd Year: Jane Ferris

4th Year: Susan McKeever


DT249 (Course Coordinator: Martin McHugh):

1st Year: 

2nd Year:

3rd Year: 

4th Year: 


DT255 (Course Coordinator: Edina Hatunic Webster): 

1st Year: Damian Gordon

2nd Year: Basel Magableh

3rd Year: 

4th Year:


DT282 (Course Coordinator: Svetlana Hensmann): 

1st Year: Art Sloan

2nd Year: Richard Lawlor

3rd Year: Marisa Llorens Salvador

4th Year: Paul Bourke