Final Year Project Loan Library

Equipment may be requested from the library by final year students by completing the Equipment Request Form and submitting it to the School of Computing Office Kevin Street Annexe building room KA324 or by submitting a scanned copy of the document online to

  1. No phones are currently being purchased as part of the library scheme.
  2. If there are requests for equipment not on the list they may be purchased once reviewed by the School Management. However this is reviewed on a case by case basis and is subject to budget and school policy guidelines.
  3. Additional Notes:

    ** All equipment is provided without support. **
    ** All equipment must be returned in the same condition as supplied. **
    ** Equipment to be returned at the end of the project demonstration. **
    ** Student grades may be withheld if loaned equipment is not returned. **
    ** Students must be fully registered to receive equipment. **
    ** Student must attach a copy of their FYP proposal (even if in draft format) **
    ** Equipment must be returned early if it is no longer required for the FYP project


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