Temporary Accounts 

All students in the School of Computing require an ICT Domain account to log into our computer lab machines. While most students who have been offered a place through the CAO will already have an account some students may find that their account are not yet available. Usually this is due to the fact that they have not yet been processed by registrations. In this situtation a temporary account can be issued to a student or to a class group for a specific period of time. Students must continue to pursue their registrations with academic registrations until they are eligible to register or fully registered.

What is a temporary account?

  • An account used to login to our computer labs which is valid until Oct 31st after which the account is disabled.

How do you apply for a temporary account?

Who is eligible for a temporay account?

  • Students who have applied for a position with the School of Computing and who have been offered a place but are not currently processed by registrations. Temporary accounts for students are only active for the month of October. 

How do I know if I need a temporary account?

  • Most students don't need a temporary account. Go to the Information Services webpage to see if you have an account. Already issued accounts are shown below. Please note that ALL TEMPORARY ACCOUNTS are deactivated October 31st. It is the institute policy to only provide ICT services to students who are registered after Oct 31st each academic year, however exceptions can be made in specific circumstances. 

Staff members can request a class temporary account for once off or short term events by contacting soc-admin@dit.ie

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