VPN Access

The School of Computing with support from Central Information Services are running a pilot scheme to allow all evening and part time students access to DIT internal network via a Virtual Private Network. What this means is that any student who connects from their home machine via VPN to the DIT can access their DIT systems as if they were in a LAB. Students can access the socappsrv2.ict.ad.dit.ie Terminal Server via RDP which contains nearly all of the software on a lab image. 

For a short video on how to configure the system use the following link. Please note that you should RDP to 


Once the VPN connection is made you can ping to verify that you are on the DIT network. If this works you can then use an RDP client to connect. 

VPN Video 

From either a Mac/Linux or Windows system go to http://ditnet.dit.ie to download the VPN. All registerted students in the following course should now have VPN access. 

  • DT249
  • DT249P
  • DT202A, 
  • DT217, 
  • DT217A, 
  • DT210 
  • DT230B, 
  • DT768
  • DT761
  • DT228A
  • DT228B
  • DT286

Please do NOT contact support@dit.ie if you are having issues. There is limited support for this service at present. if you have difficulty accessing the VPN service please first ensure

  1. You are fully registered 
  2. You have followed the video tutorial
  3. You have tested the VPN connection using the ping command to 
  4. Your username and password works in the lab
  5. You have checked if other memeber of your class cannot connect.
  6. You are RDPing to socappsrv1.ict.ad.dit.ie
  7. If you are using a MAC you are using the CORD application to connect (RDC has an known issue)
  8. You have tried more than one browser

If a class group does not have access their class rep should contact me on paul.doyle@dit.ie and I will look into the matter. If there are too many support issues with this service it may have to be withdrawn. 

- Paul Doyle: Head of ICT School of Computing


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