Drama Graduates in Dublin Fringe Fest

Lots of drama graduates are involved in the Dublin Fringe Fest, 5-22 September. More details at www.fringefest.com:

Clare Barrett features in Hot for Theatre's Break, Project Upstairs 5-21 Sept (This production was highlighted on RTE Six One News on Wed 4 Sept.)

War of Attrition is written by John Morton. He also stars with fellow graduate John Doran, Players Theatre 9-14 Sept

Louise Melinn has also turned to writing and has co-written The King's Feet,The Lir 10-14 Sept

Barry Morgan and Eddie Murphy perform in Fused, The Lir 10-14 Sept

Aoife Moore features in Dolls, Project Cube 11-16 Sept

Ronan Phelan is directing Lambo at the New Theatre 16-21 Sept (Also keep an eye out for his production of Stephen Sondheim's Assassins for Rough Magic later this year.)

Edel Chan Murphy features in the cast of The Curious Case of the Stoneybatter Strangler, meet at Christophe's Cafe (Jameson courtyard), 16-21 Sept