MMus (Conducting)

Your Audition

Suitable applicants will be invited to the Conservatory to undertake an audition and interview. 

The Audition Panel will normally comprise an instrumental/vocal/conducting specialist, the relevant Head of Department or nominee, the Head of Academic Studies, or nominee and the Programme Chair. 


The DVD recording submitted with the application is viewed and only candidates who pass this pre-selection stage will be in invited to an audition and interview. 

Candidates prepare a piano realization of an excerpt from a string quartet score – this test will be sent to applicants in advance for preparation.  

The interview is intended to assess your suitability for entry to the programme.  You should be prepared to answer questions about your music studies, conducting and performance experience and repertoire, research interests and career plans.   

Audition Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be selected first and foremost on the basis of merit and potential and must convince the audition panel that they have the ability, maturity and potential to cope with the demands of the programme.   

Places on the MMus (Conducting) pathway are limited to 2 students per year.  Applications will be judged competitively based on the following criteria, assessed by means of the audition, interview and application: 

•   demonstration of a serious commitment to conducting  

•   talent and potential as a conductor

•   previous conducting experience

•   artistic leadership skills and experience

Further Information

Dr Cliona Doris
M.Mus. Programme Chair
Conservatory of Music and Drama 
College of Arts and Tourism
DIT Rathmines Road, Dublin 6