Research Degrees – MPhil and PhD

The Conservatory of Muisc and Drama has a long and successful track record in supervising research students for the degrees of Master of Philiosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the area of music.    

Conservatory staff and students produce a wealth of research outputs that make a significant contribution to our understanding and knowledge of the performing arts.  Staff research specialisms include:   

  • • musicology
  • • performance practice
  • • composition
  • • pedagogy

The Conservatory has the largest music research department in Ireland, and we are home to the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland – the national centre of excellence for the study and performance of music in Ireland. 

The Foundation has been established to showcase the dynamic musical life of Ireland, manifested in performance, musicology, pedagogy, and composition, and to promote the study and performance of music in Ireland to national and international audiences, to the scholarly community, and to the music industry. 

Research Foundation projects include Music at the National Library of Ireland, Music at the Abbey Theatre, the Dublin Music Trade project.  Later in 2013, in collaboration with University College Dublin, the Foundation will launch the Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland – the single most important publication of its kind in the history of Irish music.

Further information 

For more information on our postgraduate research and composition degree programmes, contact Dr Kerry Houston, Head of Academic Studies (tel. +353 (0)1 402 3478).