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DIT Opera Ensemble present Midas Kane O Hara's comic opera
The Theatre, Rathmines, Thursday December 3 6pm

Dating from 1760, this first Englist Burletta was first performed in 1762 in Dublin's Crow Street Theatre. 
Based on stage directions from a manuscript of the same year, the plot centres around the musical contest between Pan and Apollo. Midas decrees which of them is the better musician. 
Originally an all-sung opera with no spoken dialogue, the music was borrowed
from well-known traditional tunes and other popular music of the time. 
For this performance new recitatives have been composed by Rachel Talbot as all that remains of the original recitatives are the words.

With a cast of singers  and instrumentalists from the Conservatory including  Roy Holmes Harpsichord, Andrew Robinson Viola da Gamba, Audrey Trainor Violin and Props and Costumes by Pauline Donnelly, this new realisation by Rachel Talbot is well worth seeing.
For a full cast list see Midas poster