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 Project description

The Trans-European Promotion of Public Private Partnerships project is funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme to enhance cooperation and transfer innovative practices. The sharing of the experiences of the various partner countries involved in this project has become a fertile learning ground on ‘state of the art’ in the application of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). The use of PPP has been expanding in Europe and beyond. This project has established a platform for tutors, courses and practitioners to enhance knowledge, exchange information, gain understanding of different procedures used and the various formulas for success that can be used. This facilitates not only academic and professional learning requirements but can also aid the process of developing clarity in procedures across the partner countries in the area of PPP contracts. This will support the mobility of engineers and construction companies across Europe to enhance competition and promote better overall outcomes. PPP has the potential to deliver a wide range of public services and infrastructure to meet the growing needs of Europe’s citizens. This project aims to give those involved in PPP the practical know-how to ensure that the PPP process becomes of maximum benefit to all.


The project involved six-partner cooperation between experts in the field from Poland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey and the Republic of Ireland. The project promoter from Poland Centrum PPP was set up in 2008 to promote the use of PPP in Poland and prepare best practice standards for its national application. The Polish partner Warsaw University of Technology is one of the leading academic institutes in Poland with a long history of education in engineering. The UK partner is The Chartered Institute of Building at the forefront of the application of PPP in one of the worlds’ pioneers of the approach. The Portuguese partner, the University of Minho, has a high reputation in the provision of teaching, research and specialised services through its highly qualified staff. The Turkish partner Erbil Project Consulting Engineering is one of the leading providers of engineering, consulting and project design services in Turkey. The Irish partner on the project is Dublin Institute of Technology, a leading learning and research institution in Ireland, particularly in engineering and construction.


The main goal of this project has been the preparation of didactic materials for tutors and courses as well as the creation of a PPP project website and it is directed towards;


  • the construction sector and local authorities,
  • contractors in PPP projects,
  • financial institutions,
  • governmental agencies including projects supervisors.


It also has relevance to those involved in financial and legal aspects of the PPP process.


DIT Activities Relating to the TEP PPP Project

6th to 8th July 2011

Dublin - TEP PPP Meeting

From the 6th to the 8th of July 2011, DIT hosted the Dublin meeting of the TEP PPP partners in DIT’s Aungier Street campus.  Meetings have been rotating among the different country partners since the inception of the project. During the project, coordination meetings have been held by the Polish partners in Warsaw University of Technology, by the Portuguese in University of Minho, by the Turkish partners in Ankara and by the British partners in Manchester. During the Dublin meeting, on the 6th of July an introductory meeting was held with the President of the AEEBC, the Association of Building Surveyors and Construction Experts (Association d’Experts Européens du Bâtiment et de la Construction) Kevin Sheridan. On the 7thof July the formal meeting began with a presentation by Dr. Louis Gunnigan for the visiting partners on Dublin, DIT, the School of Construction and Ireland in general, including a number of unique characteristics in Ireland with respect to PPP. This was followed by various project related elements including a presentation on E-courses and how they work by Altan Dizdar (Erbil, Turkey) and a discussion of project generated didactic materials by Bartosz Mysiorski (Centrum PPP, Poland). Day two of the formal meeting included discussion of the testing of courses developed through the project by Helder Moura and Jose Teixeira (University of Minho, Portugal). A number of core project elements were discussed and agreed upon during the Dublin meeting including; the form and content of PPP case studies from each country for the PPP incubator, and, on the form and approach to learning exercises for the on-line ‘Moodle’ learning platform. The project group managed to fit in a visit to the M1 motorway PPP scheme outside Dublin and partners were intrigued by some of the junction design layouts used in Ireland! The Dublin TEP PPP meeting was a success for all involved and the visiting guests enjoyed both the Irish hospitality and the organisation of the meeting by the DIT team including Tadhg O’ Mahony, Louis Gunnigan and Jane Cullen.


 Participants in TEP PPP Meeting Dublin 2011 

European partners at the recent Dublin meeting of the TEP-PPP group


19th October 2011

Brussels - Presentation to COST TUD1001 Working Group 1 

A presentation was made to the COST TUD1001 P3T3 project Working Group 1 in Brussels on 19th October 2011. The group were very receptive of the project and were particularly impressed with the Moodle online learning tool. As the TUD1001 project is gathering information on existing resources available to PPP researchers and practitioners, they agreed to provide a link to the TEP PPP project on its website and to engage with TEP PPP on the possibility of expanding the Moodle online  learning tool in the future. (Photo to follow)

1st November 2011

Dublin - Publication

An article was published in the DIT internal staff on-line newsletter UPDATE on the 1st of November 2011. This article detailed what the project concerns, DIT’s involvement and what remaining activities and dissemination is outstanding as the project moves successfully towards completion. 

3rd November 2011

Dublin - Testing of the on-line ‘Moodle’ learning platform in Ireland

The courses set up on the online Moodle platform were fully put in place by Altan Dizdara (Erbil, Turkey) to allow testing of the courses. Testing and feedback was under the remit of Helder Moura and Jose Teixeira (University of Minho). The test courses were run through each of the project partners in November 2011 to test material in all of the countries involved. At the Dublin meeting of the partners in July 2011 it was agreed that the test course participants would be sourced from suitable individuals in the PPP field, including graduate students with sufficient knowledge and other participants sourced internally. In DIT, to avoid limiting participation to internal academics, lecturers and students, participants were drawn from both public and private partners in PPP’s and from those at expert-level to those with limited PPP experience. This gave a wide range of perspectives of those involved in testing, aiding feedback quality, but crucially this approach also aided project dissemination in Ireland.

The format of course testing was slightly modified in DIT to accommodate these participants by focussing on some key project elements including the Irish ‘State of the Art’ report and using group work among the test participants to review Moodle material and complete the on-line learning exercises. A on-line course evaluation report was then completed by all participants. This half-day course developed from the TEP-PPP project was implemented in DIT Bolton Street on the 3rd of November 2011 by Louis Gunnigan and Tadhg O’ Mahony. On the whole, the Irish test participants were very positive about both the course content and the Moodle as a learning platform and were keen to find out more about the use of PPP in the other partners. The participants on this test course were further included in the project after course testing by facilitating continued access to the on-line learning platform including the PPP community forum and didactic materials. Other individuals in the field that were unable to attend on the day were also included on a mailing list of further developments including links to the TEP PPP website.


Future Planned Dissemination events by DIT

December 2011

Dublin - Presentation to Researchers, Practitioners, Academics 

Dublin - Articles in trade and professional magazines

Online - Article in Quarterly Newsletter of International Construction Project Management Association










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