Ten Rules for Coping with Panic

  1. Remember that the feelings are nothing more than an exaggeration of the normal bodily reactions to stress.

  2. They are not in the least harmful or dangerous ? just unpleasant.  Nothing worse will happen.

  3. Stop adding to panic with frightening thoughts about what is happening and where it might lead.

  4. Now notice what is really happening in your body right now not what you fear it might lead.

  5. Now wait and give the fear time to pass, without fighting it, or running away from it.  Just accept it.

  6. Notice that once you stop adding to it with frightening thoughts, the fear starts to fade away by itself.

  7. Remember that the whole point of practice is learning how to cope with fear ?without avoiding it.  So this is an opportunity to make progress.

  8. Think about the progress you have made so far despite the difficulties, and how pleased you will be when you succeed this time.

  9. When you begin to feel better, look around you, and start thinking what to do next.

  10. Then, when you are ready to go on, start off in an easy and relaxed way-there?s no need for effort or hurry.

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