Exam time has arrived in TU Dublin City Campus and with it can come feelings of stress and pressure.  We’ve put together some top tips courtesy of the TU Dublin City Campus Student Counselling Service to make sure you get through testing times as stress free as possible.

Get organised

Tidy up and organise your notes and other material. Make a special set of notes that contain summaries of information that requires more of your attention.

Use study methods that give ample feedback. To help identify areas that need more review, have a friend or family member quiz you.


Study – don’t cram!

Cramming may put some information into memory but will not lead to thorough understanding of the material. Cramming can also give rise to a ‘blank mind’ during exams and it can cause more anxiety while studying as students become aware of how much they don’t know.

Put aside blocks of time to study and take regular breaks – your brain needs time to process information and rest.


Look after your health

Get a good night’s sleep and allow time for a healthy breakfast. Avoid sugary foods – they may give you an ‘energy boost’ but the effects will wear off quickly and will leave your energy level lower than before you ate.

“Eat something like porridge or pasta before an exam as it will give you a slow release of energy,” says Nita Whelan of the DIT Student Counselling Service.

Make time to exercise – go for a swim or a jog, play a game of 5-a-side with your mates or just have a walk in your neighbourhood.


Be prepared

Check that you have all the necessary supplies for your exam and allow extra time to get to college the day of the test.


Emotionally prepare

Use positive self talk and visualisations. Talk to yourself in a positive manner, such as, ‘I can succeed if I really put my mind to it.’



Use relaxation techniques

One relaxation method is the “breathing by threes” method. Inhale slowly through your nose as you count to three. Exhale slowly through your nose as you count to three. Repeat this several times.


Stay refreshed

Drinking plenty of fluids can help revive the body and mind alike - water is the best option rather than sugary drinks.

While sugary drinks will give you a quick boost, they won’t sustain you over the course of a three hour exam and might lead to a dip in your energy levels later on.

You should also watch your caffeine intake as it can dehydrate the body.  


TheTU Dublin City Campus Student Counselling Service is providing extra appointments during the exam period. If you need support or assistance, call 01-402 3352 or email studentcounselling@dit.ie.

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