Time Schedule

  1. Work out exactly how much time you have.

  2. Decide how much time you want to spend on each subject.

  3. Make a schedule and a commitment to stick to it.

  4. Decide whether you work better with large blocks of time on one subject, or whether it is better to vary subjects throughout the week.

  5. Build in short breaks and time for recreation.

  6. Respect your biorhythms, get into training for a good night?s sleep and a 9 o?clock start now!

  7.  Remember that extra time spent on one topic is time taken away from another.

  8. Remember that time and energy using in remonstrating against the absurdity of the assessment system is inappropriate at this stage and can only harm you, e.g     Suppose you have six papers and you decide to cover six topics for each paper.  If you have six weeks to revise and commit yourself to a six-day working week, that will give you one day to spend on each topic, if you divide your time evenly.

    Your equation may not be as simple as this, but the importance of working it out should be clear.

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